Hello all

I’m Hugh, i am 15, An Australian and most importantly a Catholic.1024px-Codex_Bruchsal_1_01v_cropped

This is where I comment, share or rant on the Faith and its aggressors,liturgy and prayer, theology, philosophy, politics, Church happening, and the culture at large.

With this site i hope to look at current events, philosophies,political attitudes, culture and beliefs in light of the traditional catholic christian way of thinking. I hope to comment on the tradition of the Church and her ageless teachings and to give my thoughts on the liturgical and spiritual patrimony which we inherent.

I would probably label myself a ‘traditional Catholic’ but that has, over the last  two decades with the growth of the heretical sede-vacante sects and the schismatic(although well intentioned) SSPX become a very dubious term , so maybe orthodox catholic would be better or just catholic.

The highest and most important reason i am writing this is of course the glorification of God and obedience to the will of Christ.

may the graces of our Lord be with you always, and the prayers of our blessed Lady Theotokos. †


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