The Battle is Lost

784px-Descent_of_the_Modernists,_E._J._Pace,_Christian_Cartoons,_1922The battle to preserve a christian and a noble culture is lost, we who hold the old order dear are no longer fighting a patriotic defense of what is common and normal, Christ has been dethroned in the West. We had been in retreat for half a millennium and are on our knees. We are now fighting as rebels, revolutionaries in a culture of death. The illusion that it is possible to be a conservative (as in one who conserves what is already present) and a Catholic is gone, for what is present is abominable.

1920px-Fritz_von_Uhde_-_Das_Tischgebet_-_Google_Art_ProjectChrist is present with those who uphold his Kingdom, a kingdom of nobility, chastity, glory, humility, holy orthodoxy and piety, Of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty this is a reality only in the remnant families and churches who hold his Kingdom highest, who remember Aslan and work ever under and in the realm of the witch for the mighty Lions glorious return.

The lost kingdom and its principles:

The order established by Christians following the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 5th century was a miracle in social revival, memory, preservation and creation. Seeing the collapse of the Roman political schema in the Mediterranean and Europe, Christians, who then held sway over the vast majority of peoples and cultures, withdrew from the collapsed and decadent metropolises of late antiquity, rejecting the collapsing scientific and ‘progressive’ cities for they knew that the barbarians where in many cases of higher moral683px-Edward_Burne-Jones_-_The_Merciful_Knight calibre than the civilized sinners of the advanced antiquity. It is true, as many moderns claim, that Christianity helped in the collapse of the ancient order, it is however worth noting that any decent man who knew or knows the true state of the late Empire would be in total celebration of its destruction. The faithful of Christ withdrew into the home, into their families, living simply, under guidance of the spirit. And that Holy Spirit, dwelling in the hearts of fellow Christians, held all that was good in the Romans in their villages but also made a new culture forming virtues in the minds of the many making a common society, which despite its poverty and often even its horror and depravity, held as highest the virtues of humility, nobility, piety, orthodoxy, civility and chastity. It had kings and knights and fate and fairy tales and mystery and morality. The Catholic Church cultivated society and learning bringing the gifts of God in the sacraments, defending Orthodoxy as if the world depended on it, because it did. It was a culture, a kingdom above all kings, who had the King as its monarch, that had Catholicism as its life blood- the soul that animated everything it did, it was a world formed by God. It was Christendom.

Its Downfall

Then in the 14th century there entered a poison into the clean baptismal waters of Europe, it was the thought of human sufficiency, they saw the rise of their civilization and its philosophy and the rise of the ancients and then, tempted by unseen forces, men began to think that all that they had made was not by the power of the Paraclete, not the life of the risen Christ, but the work of Man. They began the modern project, a war against the Church. They replaced the beauty oModernPhilosophersf the forms with the chaos of nominalism in Ockam, they destroyed political ethics with violent power play, in Machiavelli, they spat at tradition in Protestantism, they collapsed the intelligibility of the world with radical scepticism in Descartes,  they tore down the natural order with the ‘state of nature’ in Locke, they failed to recognize the Natural Law with  the ‘rights of Man’ in Hobbes, they abandoned the natural societal and political order by inventing ‘the  Leviathan’ (again) in Hobbes, they crushed the intellect by  the apotheosis the Will, they made religion irrelevant  by putting a wall between Church and State in the american founders, they ignored the Fall by making progress ‘inevitable’ in Hegel, they made marriage unintelligible in the sexual revolution and its forebears, it made the divine constitution of humanity as binary invisible with transgenderism and gender theory  and so goes on the list….


And so, because of a slow and subtle suicide of sanity, we find ourselves in a world not as it was and cannot expect, except by some radical divine miracle, for the world of medieval sanity to return, if we want to fight for sanity and for Christ, we cannot act as if we are on defensive, we must know that we on the offensive, in an war against modernity with the King of Kings on our side. The battle is lost, let us now be rebels.

May Jesus with Mary be with us on the way.

H. Samuel-King


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